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Engineered Timber Floors


Engineered Timber Floorboards are composites of different materials compacted together. Generally the top layer is solid timber and bottom layers are plywood compounds. ReadyFlor® Timber Floorboards are made from three separate layers of solid timber compacted together in a cross grain pattern to minimize warping and shrinkage in high humidity and moisture areas.


Unlike Solid Timber Floors, Engineered Timber Floors are usually not nailed down but sit on top or glued to the floor base or substrate. Due to the natural timber top layer, Engineered Timber Floors have the same look as the solid timber floors. Engineered Timber Floorboards come in different sizes and pre-arranged blocks and also come in many different timber species.


Engineered Timber Floors are versatile in that they can be laid on top of any type of floor base, even concrete. Engineered Timber Floorboards are not usually nailed down but the floorboards are secured into position by locking on to each other via the built in tongue and groove system.


Once the Engineered Timber Floor installation is complete, the Sanding and Polishing process can begin. The purpose of Sanding and Polishing is to smooth out the rough texture of the timber floor and to prepare for the Polyurethane coating process. The Sanding and Polishing of the timber floor enhances the natural beauty of the timber once the coating is finished. For a more detailed explanation on Sanding and Polishing, visit the Floor Restoration page.


Prefinished Engineered Timber Floors are also available where the Sanding and Polishing process is not required. Prefinished Engineered Timber Floorboards have a hard scratch-proof coating appied on top of the timber. Prefinished Engineered Timber Floors not only eliminate the Sanding and Polishing process, but they also come in different finishes e.g. Gloss, High Gloss, and Matte.