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Timber Flooring


Timber Floors are floors which are made up of natural solid timber planks. Unlike Engineered Timber Flooring or Laminated Flooring which are compounds of different materials, Timber Floors are solid natural timber planks. Timber Flooring can come in different sizes and also come in many different timber species which have their own unique colours and characteristics. Thinner Timber Overlays are also available which can be glued directly over existing timber floors.

Melbourne Timber Flooring Boral
Boral Solid Timber Strip

Melbourne Solid Timber Flooring Tongue Groove
Solid Timber Floorboard Tongue and Groove

Melbourne Timber Flooring Overlay Boral
Boral Timber Overlay


Timber Floors can be installed in almost all homes and buildings. Most homes have either a pine timber floor base, or a chipboard floor base underneath the floor coverings like carpets and tiles. The existing floor coverings can be removed and timber flooring can be laid on top of the existing floor base. Unlike other types of flooring, Timber floorboards can be nailed on to the floor base. This can either be done by a straight down nail, or if the customer wishes not to have the nail heads visible, the angled (secret) nail approach can be employed.

Straight Nail Timber Flooring Melbourne
Visible Nails on Timber Flooring
Secret Nail Timber Flooring Melbourne
Invisible Secret Nails on Timber Flooring


Once the Timber Floor installation is complete, the Sanding and Polishing process can begin. The purpose of Sanding and Polishing is to smooth out the rough texture of the timber floor and to prepare for the Polyurethane coating process. The Sanding and Polishing of the timber floor enhances the natural beauty of the timber once the coating is finished. For a more detailed explanation on Sanding and Polishing, visit the Floor Restoration page.


Prefinished Timber Floors are also available where the Sanding and Polishing process is not required. Prefinished Timber Floorboards have a hard Polyurethane coating appied on top of the timber. Prefinished Timber Floors not only eliminate the Sanding and Polishing process, but they also come in different finishes e.g. Gloss, High Gloss, and Matte.